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Frequently Asked Questions

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We want your experience with us to be the best possible, and a huge part of that is being prepared prior to the date of your adventure. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions we hear regularly, so you know exactly what to expect when you adventure with us.

We follow local health guidelines for Covid-19. If you have specific questions or needs, please call us at +1-720-583-0654 to discuss.

All group tours meet in front of Denver’s Union Station at 1701 Wynkoop Street. You will find your Aspire Tour Guide, waiting to greet you by the large American flag pole—closest to the curb. Delays are possible due to traffic or weather conditions.

The following tours also have an optional pick-up at Walnut Cafe on Walnut Street in Boulder, Co. Mall: (You must note Boulder pick up during booking): Rocky Mountain National Park Tour, Rocky Mountain National Park Hike, Boulder Hike & Beer.

  • 8:00am : Foothills Explorer, Rocky Mountain Escape, Rocky Mountain National Park Hike, Boulder Hike and Beer
  • 9:00am : Rocky Mountain National Park Tour,
  • 10am: Scenic Mount Evans, Breckenridge Mountain Explorer
  • 1:00pm : Foothills Explorer, Rocky Mountain Escape, Boulder Hike and Beer, Brews and Views
Pickups for Private Outings are planned during booking and can be confirmed after speaking with a Guest Specialist.
Our Half-Day and Full-Day Daily Tours are open to the public and happen on a daily schedule (we don’t like to let a day go by without guiding people to enjoy Colorado’s Outdoors). Private and Company Tours are not open to the public and only happen when you book them. Outings are far more custom and planned around you—any Experience, any Destination in Colorado. Contact us to speak with a Guest Specialist to plan your perfect outing.

In the SUMMER, we provide a picnic lunch for all FULL DAY tours except Breckenridge Mountain Explorer. If you have any dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc.) please make a notation in your order or give us a call. For serious dietary needs you might consider bringing your own food.

In the WINTER we only provide lunch on the Rocky Mountain National Park Hiking Adventure. 

Can I bring my own snacks? Yes

Can I bring a cooler? Only a small one that fits underneath the seat.

Can I bring alcohol? Not on the daily group tours.

Please call the office at 720-583-0654 if you are running more than 5 minutes late. We have the phone number you provided at booking on file—we will call you if we can’t locate you after five (5) minutes. However, we will leave promptly fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled time.

If the weather is expected to be unreasonable to proceed with your Tour, we will notify you the night before, or the morning of, to confirm your Tour’s cancellation. That said, it is rare for us to cancel. It is your responsibility to monitor the weather and cancel accordingly if you don’t feel comfortable with conditions like clouds, rain, snow, etc. Colorado weather can be very unpredictable and we cannot guarantee visiting all sights or points of interest along the tour, if we think it is not safe to drive.

At Aspire, we do grant full refunds for you / your group if we are notified 24-hours (firm) prior to the tour. You can also transfer your purchase to someone else at any time. Please, notify us by e-mail or /phone with this request. If you have booked a tour through an online travel company, please check their policy for cancellation details. For Private or Corporate Outings we require a 72-hour (firm) notice of cancellation.

There are several parking garages in the area, including a garage located at 1899 Wynkoop St. The Crawford Hotel, located at Union Station, offers valet parking for $25.

Please look at the weather for the day you are traveling. For tours with high elevation (Rocky Mountain, Mt. Evans) please be aware that it gets much colder in the mountains. For hiking tours bring layers, as it can get cold in the mountains, but you may want to shed layers following your hike.  
  • Footwear: light hiking shoes or sneakers with good tread are recommended. 
  • Outerwear: Windbreakers / rain jackets are recommended for our Full-Day tours. In the winter, warm jackets, hats and base layers are needed.
  • Full-Day Tours: Temperatures can be up to 10 degrees colder than experienced in Denver that day, due to change in altitude.
  • Half-Day Tours: Temperatures are typically no more than 3 degrees cooler than Denver that day.
  • Bring one reusable container of water per person, as we have refills in the car. Colorado is a very dry state and altitude can amplify hydration needs.
  • Any required medications.
  • Sunscreen and lip balm
  • A Backpack if you are taking a Hiking Tour / Outing

We give each of our Tours 1 of 3 ratings: Easy, Moderate or Advanced. Our Sightseeing Tours are the easiest—including the opportunity to do some walking if you choose—we call it “Active Sightseeing.” We always offer photo ops during our tours—our Guides encourage you to get out and snap a shot or take a stroll, but always feel free to stay seated and take in the views. Most Hiking Tours are rated Moderate. Advanced ratings are typically reserved for custom / Private Outings:


  • 4 O’Clock Nature Hike 2-3 miles, 
  • Boulder Hike & Beer 2-3 miles, 
  • Rocky Mountain National Park Hiking Tour 4-5 miles

During the summer months, conditions permitting, we will reach up to 13,000 feet for our Rocky Mountain National Park Tours. We go up to 14,000 feet on our Scenic Mount Evans Tour. Red Rocks Amphitheater: 6,500 feet, Breckenridge: 9,500 feet, Boulder: 5,300 feet, Pikes Peak: 14,115 feet, Squaw Pass: 9,790 feet. Due to the elevation, we always encourage our guests to drink lots of water and stay hydrated.

he following tours also have an optional pick-up at Boulder’s Peet’s Coffee at 29th St. Mall: (You must note Boulder pick up during booking):

Rocky Mountain National Park Tour, Rocky Mountain National Park Hike, Boulder Hike & Beer

Our Daily Tours do not exceed 14 passengers. However, you can book a Private or Company Outing for up to 400 passengers.

All our tours are run with upscale 14-passenger vehicles.

Daily Half-Day Tours last four (4) hours. Daily Full-Day tours last from seven (7) to eight (8) Hours. Our 4-O’Clock Nature Hike and Denver Overview Tours last three (3) hours. All of our routes are subject to traffic and / or weather conditions.

We have a minimum age requirement of eight (8) years old, which is related to state laws regarding the safe transportation of persons under that age. Our Brews & Views and Boulder Brew Hike have an age requirement of eighteen (18) years old to participate and twenty-one (21) years old to drink alcoholic beverages. We have more flexibility with our minimum age requirement for Private Outings—please contact one of our Guest Specialists to learn more.

We have a 4 guest minimum for our Tours to depart on schedule.

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