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Mount Evans

Road to the Sky

Mount Evans is one of Colorado’s famous Fourteeners – coming in at 14,264 feet above sea level at its very peak. Located in Rocky Mountain National Park, this mountain is set apart ​​by the Mount Evans Scenic Byway, which takes the crown as the highest paved road in North America. In order to drive up Mount Evans, you’ll need a timed entry ticket, nerves of steel, and a hearty sense of adventure – and the views are worth every effort. On the 15-mile one-way drive, you can stop at Mount Goliath Nature Center, Echo Lake, Summit Lake Park, and finally, the Summit Interpretive area at the very top of Mount Evans. There’s a short trek to reach the geographical peak, so bring comfortable walking shoes if you want to officially bag this Fourteener.

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Drive America's Highest Road

The Mount Evans Scenic Byway climbs more than 7,000 feet in just 28 miles, reaching an altitude of 14,130 feet. We love it for the incredibly diverse ecosystems you’ll see along the way, and for the breathtaking views as you make the ascent. The road is only open to the top between Memorial Day and Labor Day (and that’s pending the snow has cleared), so if you get the chance to do this one, we highly, highly suggest taking advantage.
Ticket Master
The best time to visit Mount Evans is early morning, but it takes planning well in advance to grab the timed entry tickets for morning access. We take care of securing the passes for optimal ascent time – no need to worry about staking out the ticket website!
Safe Driving
We know, the lack of guard rails this high up can feel unnerving at best. On our Mount Evans guided tour, your only task is sitting back to enjoy the panoramic mountain views, while our seasoned guides drive you safely up the road.
Climate Ascent

Driving up Mount Evans takes you through five (yes, five) climate zones. This means that throughout the drive, you’ll be able to see a wildly diverse array of plants and wildlife. Our guides will drive through the best spots for sightseeing mountain goats, explain the enigmas of Aspen groves, and share their wealth of local knowledge about the Mount Evans area.

Mount Evans Driving Tour